Blogging Monocle: Premiere Issue

Blogging Monocle: Premiere Issue

Aaron Able
Feb 23, 2007

Good Stuff. Though it's not a shelter magazine, Tyler Brule's new magazine Monocle features a healthy dose of global design and architecture. This magazine is brimming with information and it's going to take a while to digest it. A Briefing On Global Affairs, Business, Culture & Design, Monocle is exactly what one would expect from the founder of *wallpaper...

Approximately one-fifth of the 250 pages are devoted to global design (architecture/fashion/products). The design-centric stories in the premiere issue include:

• Brazilian Hotels
• Taiwanese Universities
• Swedish Bachelor Pad
• Viennese apartments
• Japanese Office Design

Informative and beautifully designed, Monocle is one to watch.

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