Blogging NPR: San Francisco Plastic Bag Ban Interests Other Cities

On March 27, 2007, San Francisco passed a bill to ban plastic bags from all grocery stores and pharmacies. Now, a year later, the ban's influence is being seen around the world.

According to a segment that aired on National Public Radio last week, cities throughout the country -- Boston, Portland, and Phoenix (to name a few) -- are considering similar bans. Paris and London have also passed similar bans.

So, what has been the effect? First, it means that at least 5 million fewer plastic bags are being used every month.

But what about the plastic bag industry? What are they saying?

This from Sharon Kneiss of the American Chemistry Council: "Bans on plastic bags are not a good environmental choice ... Bans aren't the answer, recycling is the answer." She argues that banning plastic bags is a "tacit endorsement" of paper bags -- which is not so great for the environment.

So remembering that Washington Post article that argued that paper bags take much more energy to produce, what do you think?

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