Blogging NYT: Whose bed is it, anyway?

Blogging NYT: Whose bed is it, anyway?

Mar 7, 2007

We are a little behind on our reading, but thought that this article on co-sleeping in the NYT was worth mentioning.

Some families choose to co-sleep, others do not, and there isn't a one-size-fits-all right answer as to whether or not families should share a bed. So we were more than a little surprised by the tone of the NYT article about the subject.

According to this article, co-sleeping seems to be a result of bad parenting, lack of limit setting, and a problem that requires professional intervention (at exhorberant rates) to solve.

More and more, we are getting frustrated with the tone of parenting articles in the NYT - are we really all so helpless and unable to maintain order in our homes, bowing down to the little emperors we are raising, incapable of solving parenting issues without paying experts to tell us that our kids are running (and ruining) our lives?

Are we?

Illustration by Stephen Webster for NYT

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