Blogging NYT: LeapFrog Hopes for Next Hit With Interactive Reading Toy

Blogging NYT: LeapFrog Hopes for Next Hit With Interactive Reading Toy

Carrie McBride
Feb 6, 2008

Remember the LeapPad? A phenomenal hit in 1999, it rocketed to the top becoming the number one seller, a rarity for an educational toy. Now its maker, LeapFrog, is back with what it hopes will be the next big thing: the Tag Reader.

Unveiled last week, the New York Times got the scoop. The Tag, targeted at 4-8 year olds, is a stylus designed to read words on the pages of an 18 volume collection of books (including favorites like Olivia). If a child gets stuck on a word, they can tap it to have it read aloud or defined. They can also tap a character's image to hear them come alive with sound.

The initial outlay of $50 isn't too steep, but the Tag only comes with one book. Additional books will cost around $14. Once a book is purchased, parents will have to download the digital portion from the company's website where they will be invited to create a webpage for their child and also have the ability to view statistics about their child's use of the books - what they read, what they had difficulty with, etc.

You can read the full article from the Times here. There's a lot of buzz and expectation building around the Tag within the industry, but what do you think - is this a product worth getting excited about?

(By the way, if you still have a LeapPad lying around, now's your chance to pick up additional books for it for a bargain - they're currently 70% off on LeapFrog's website undoubtedly to make way for the new Tag Reading System.)

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