Blogging NYT: Multigenerational Cooking

Blogging NYT: Multigenerational Cooking

Jun 20, 2007

How many generations of family live in your home? In this week's NYT online, a story of a multi-generational family living (and cooking) as one household. We aren't all lucky enough to have our parents come and cook for our children while we work, but reading about this family and the way that they connect through the simple act of cooking for one another is inspiring. And, no lie, we are pretty jealous of daughter Taylor, age 11, and her KitchenAid mixer!

Living this way isn't for everyone, but it obviously works for the Mullings-Bradnock family. We wonder how many family recipes get lost between the generations when families don't cook together, and how we can create this kind of nurturing environment in our own kitchen.

Who cooks for your children? One parent, both parents, or are you lucky enough to have a 'cookin' grandma?

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