Blogging NYT: Never Drink Hot Water From the Tap

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Do you sometimes take a shortcut when making pasta or tea and start with hot water from the tap as a headstart? The Environmental Protection Agency says to knock it off! And especially don't use hot tap water to prepare baby formula.

A small piece in the New York Times caught our eye warning that not drinking hot water from the tap sounds like an urban myth, but there is science behind it. Lead can enter your water through corroded plumbing (especially if you live in an older house or apartment) which is dissolved quicker by hot water than cold. No one wants to ingest lead, but it's particularly dangerous for children whose brains and nervous systems are more vulnerable.

Even though the risk is small, don't take the shortcut - start with cold water when cooking and drinking.

p.s. Boiling water does not remove any lead - it actually increases its concentration.

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