Blogging... O at Home Spring 2007

Blogging... O at Home Spring 2007

Mar 20, 2007

The Spring 2007 issue of O at Home is themed "Yes you Can!". The cover story features the home of Grey's Anatomy star, Kate Walsh, and her "Mc Dreamhouse" in Los Angeles. The issue itself is pretty thin, but there are a few goodies inside that are worth a look...

Kate Walsh's house is a 1923 Mediterranean-style four bedroom home, that "is full of details that reveal a wide ranging talent for having fun." The only problem is the article doesn't really show a whole lot of the house itself- only a few detail vingettes. There are not many shots that actually show an entire room. A little dissappointing, but we did notice that she used a lot of lamps from LA's own Moth Design, and we are drooling over her incredible walnut slab dining table.

Aside from that, there are some great inspirational pages:

• (pg. 92) A 750 square foot home for a family of 5

• (pg. 98) A really gorgeous small bungalow in Venice, CA. I love the colors and artwork they used. Great ideas in this article.

• (pg. 106) A contemporary modern/minimal home in New Jersey

• (pg. 112) A profile on actress Victoria Rowell's home, which she renovated, and gives tips and advice about DIY.

• (pg. 122) Finally, a printed version of the apartment Nate Berkus showed in the Oprah episode our own Maxwell was in. Interestingly, the space looks a lot bigger in print than it did on the show. I really want to paint something black now...

The Spring 2007 O at Home is on newstands now.

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