Blogging... OC Register 11.25.07 "Gradually Greener Real Estate"

Blogging... OC Register 11.25.07 "Gradually Greener Real Estate"

Nov 28, 2007

"Gradually Greener Real Estate." There was an interesting article in Sunday's OC Register that featured several new projects in Orange County that have adopted more environmentally friendly building features, and have recently been awarded green certification. The article mentions the new Depot Walk, located in Orange right by the train station, which is the first project in OC to get LEED certification.

The article touches on some of the incentives that builders are getting from cities to go green. However, it also points out the varying "shades of green" between builders, but notes "Still, environmentalists welcome any effort to reduce the impact homes have on the environment." Although these green developments represent only a tiny tiny percentage of the tons of housing projects going up in OC, it's encouraging that more cities here are continuing to pass green regulations and standards. We haven't had a chance to check out the Depot Walk in person yet (has anyone here seen them?) but hoping to do so soon. Read the entire article by Jeff Collins here and be sure to check out the slideshow and accompanying video.

Image by Daniel A. Anderson for OC Register.

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