Blogging ReadyMade: Dec '07/Jan '08

Blogging ReadyMade: Dec '07/Jan '08

Heather Blaha
Dec 7, 2007

In true DIY style, the holiday issue of ReadyMade focuses on "100 amazing gifts to give." How-to instructionals are placed among numerous other gift ideas (with info and websites on where to buy), in the greatly organized "Material Goods" section (p. 68).

The ReadyMade party scenes are divided into five categories: paper, wood, plastic, fabric, and metal. Each section gives a slew of cool items to purchase or projects to inspire some hands-on creations. Some favorites on the DIY list: Embroidery Hoop Clock (wood), Microfilm Bow (plastic), Tin o' Succulents (metal). We'll post full how-to's on these projects next week.

More holiday stuff and home ideas below:

Holiday Helper, p. 30: A simple how-to for stopping under door drafts.

How to Stain Wood, p. 32: A handy step-by-step for a first timer.

On a Roll, p. 34: Modern ideas for reusing wrapping-paper tubes. We love the "wreath" made from cut ends of tubes.

Guest Quarters, p. 39: How to build a convertible daybed for $900 (it looks cool, complete with lots of storage, but honestly we'd rather just go buy one...)

Press Kit, p. 43: Make holiday prints with a homemade letterpress.

Home(made) for the Holidays, p. 50: Marshmallow and caramel recipes, oh my!

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