Blogging Real Simple: Sixty Second Centerpieces

Blogging Real Simple: Sixty Second Centerpieces

Janel Laban
Nov 20, 2007

...that actually look nice. We know that some of you are hosting this Thanksgiving and may be on the lookout for a quick centerpiece. Click on the pictures or jump below for the info on these super speedy ones from Real Simple:

Sunlit: A dozen lemons, a pound of hazelnuts and a bit of greenery in a glass bowl - a compote works well.

Glowing: A dozen (UNSCENTED!) pillar candles of various heights and widths gathered on a shallow platter, tray or pan.

Fruitful: Six pomegranates with a dozen plums or fresh figs in a shiny white bowl.

Visit Real Simple for the complete article with additional ideas.

Photos: Maura McEvoy/Real Simple

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