Blogging: Real Simple Magazine

Blogging: Real Simple Magazine

Julia Cho
Jun 8, 2007

We all want to spend more time outside in the summer.

So we want to know- what are some of the ways you enjoy the outdoors with your kids? Do you have any special familiy traditions that take place outdoors during the summer months?

Real Simple has a great article with seven easy suggestions on how to make the most of these approaching summer days. So c'mon, you've been "nesting" all winter. Time to take "home" to the outdoors.

Here are a few ways you can do just that:

1. Pack a lunch, and make it fun with cookie cutter sandwiches. A simple lunch becomes special sitting in the backyard on a blanket.

2. Schedule early morning playdates when it's cooler. After the kids have run around for a while, gather around the table for crafts or games. Keep a basket of art supplies and games near the door so it's easy to grab and put away.

3. Play more outside! Washable paints and chalk make the driveway a canvas, and fortbuilding never gets old. Make sure you have plenty of old tablecloths or sheets in supply.

Check out the full article here.

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