Blogging SFGate: Are Kids Really on 'House Arrest'

Blogging SFGate: Are Kids Really on 'House Arrest'

Jun 27, 2007

Apropos for Outdoor Home Month is Tom Stienstra's recent article in SFGate, entitled "Parents need to let kids out from 'house arrest'". While this could have been a 'blame the parents' piece, Stienestra turns to Richard Louv, the author of Last Child in The Woods, who thoughtfully describes how a child's outdoor adventures shape development, benefitting their physical and emotional help, and helping them develop immersion attention.

Are kids really on house arrest?

According to this article, 90% of children in San Diego do not know how to swim, and 34% have never been to the ocean, while bicycle sales are down 31% in the last 5 years. We are raising a sedentary generation of children with very little unscheduled play time, and the problem inherent in that, according to Louv, is that without access to nature, and play outdoors, children are truly under house arrest.

Do your kids have much unscheduled outdoor play time? Is it more, or less, than you had as a child? And how important is this issue, anyway?

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