Slashdot Roundup: 03.05.07

Slashdot Roundup: 03.05.07

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 5, 2007

Updates on the way you get your media at home from the tech blog Slashdot:

Book Publishers Agree to Online Browsing: Online searching and browsing is being made available by Random House and HarperCollins. They are updating their business model to serve web-savvy customers as already done by the music, newspaper and movie industries.

New Royalty Rates Could Kill Internet Radio: The Copyright Royalty Board instituted a pay-per-play fee system that the SoundExchange, a digital fee collection body created by the RIAA, recommended, and ignored the recommendations made by webcasters. On top of the new rate hike, the fees will be retroactive to the beginning of 2006; as a result, most webcasters won't be able to afford to keep broadcasting. We'll have to wait and see how this plays out over time.

Download and Burn Movies Available Soon...but not that soon: The same technology that is used in content-protected DVDs was approved to be used to download and burn to discs, but there are two caveats: 1) it isn't compatible with current DVD-Rs on the market right now, and 2) it's likely to be available first through highly controllable kiosks, not at home.


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