Blogging Small Magazine: Spring 2007

Blogging Small Magazine: Spring 2007

Janie Lee
May 7, 2007

Small is cool. And now there is a new online magazine dedicated to all things small. Our friend Erin tipped us off to Small Magazine last week. According to its editors, the focus is on creative people who make small things or make things for small people.

We loved reading about Floorplay and Floorspace designed by Samantha Parsons. These padded felt mats can be used indoors and outdoors as play areas, and they also can fold into different configurations - a hideout, a fort, a reading nook...

Also check out Small's compilation of green seating options - it includes the Oooms Rocker we posted about.

We've bookmarked it and will check back in when the next issue is out.

(Thanks, Erin!)

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