Blogging The New York Times: Five Easy Ways to Go Organic

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Pick Five. We spotted this link at the Kitchen, but thought it deserved some space on the Nursery since it relates to children. If your family wants to eat more organic foods, but are finding it cost prohibitive, here are five organic picks that will make the most impact on your health and the least on your pocketbook.

Apples - the second most popular fruit, but also one of the most pesticide-contaminated.

Peanut Butter - all but 1 percent of peanut farms use conventional farming methods that use fungicide to treat mold.

Milk - the USDA found pesticides in almost 30 percent of conventional milk. Not to mention the growing use of artificial hormones.

Potatoes - have the dubious distinction of having one of the highest pesticide contents among vegetables. 81 percent of potatoes - already washed and peeled - contained pesticides according to a USDA study.

Ketchup - organic ketchup has almost twice the amount of antioxidants as regular ketchup.

These five foods are smart organic choices because children and families eat a lot of them so you'll get the most organic bang for your buck.

Read the Times piece here.

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