Blogging The NYT

Blogging The NYT

Janie Lee
Mar 23, 2007

We read with interest last Thursday's article in the NYT Baby Steps to a Label-Obsessed Life. The author (who is not a parent, but is an expert in kiddie couture) makes a shopping visit to Yoya in the West Village.

He shops the store and is admittedly impressed with the design of many of the items. However, he doubts whether any of it has mass appeal to children, writing "I've never met a 3-year-old who likes cerebral Euro-minimalism."

His basic premise is that parents who dress their children as mini versions of themselves and who outfit their children's surroundings with mid-c-inspired furniture are doing their little ones a disservice. He asks:

But what kid wants a bedroom to be a showcase for mini-Mies masterpieces? And by force-feeding children good taste, instead of allowing their My Little Pony moments of vulgarity, are parents starving them of self-expression?

Read the full article here and tell us what you think. Do you agree that children can't appreciate a modern room and playthings and that they gravitate towards the garrish? If so, then is creating a modern nursery an exercise in selfishness on the part of parents?

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