Blogging the NYC Toy Fair

Blogging the NYC Toy Fair

Julia Cho
Feb 16, 2007

Another International Toy Fair has come and gone, leaving visions of giant dancing Ugly Dolls in our heads. We didn't make it over to the Javits Center this year, but with the help of Plastic and Plush, we still wanted to share some of the more interesting highlights with you...

Apparently the Uglydoll family is gaining 6 new members including Deer Ugly and Big Toe. We love these guys!

Another plush toy, Dooodolls , are aliens that have come to earth. The designer says each one represents one of the zodiac signs.

One of the more interesting finds we'd heard a buzz about, even before the toy fair, comes from Yury Gitman and his Banana Design Lab. This is the same company that designed The Beating Heart. The Beating Heart is a plush heart that comes in different colors and actually has a soothing heartbeat you can feel. When you hold it up to yours, your own heart will actually fall into sync with the pillow. Their website says it's like "yoga in a pillow". These aren't for kids 5 or under.

However, at this year's Toy Fair they introduced a brand new product called Chu Chi: The Plushie Night Light. This little guy's head lights up like a lantern and he also has the same heartbeat as The Beating Heart. There's a bear or a dog model. You choose.

According to CNET News, science apparently ruled at the Toy Fair. If your kids were dying to duplicate the Mentos/Diet Coke explosion on YouTube, now they can with Steve Spangler's "Geyser Tube" .

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