Blogging The San Francisco Chronicle: Green at the ICFF

Blogging The San Francisco Chronicle: Green at the ICFF

Jonathan B.
May 29, 2008
Some members of AT's team were at ICFF this year—you can read a few of their dispatches here or here or here. We'd noticed a strong green bent ourselves, so it was illuminating to see the fair from another perspective.

The article emphasizes the diversity of approaches to green: designers aren't just making the same old stuff out of bamboo, but rethinking the entire way furniture is designed, produced, and delivered to market.

We'd like to see more designers go the way of Emily Pilloton, who is quoted saying, "Sustainability has a human element. It is not just about green materials." Projects profiled on her website, Project H Design, have a strong humanitarian bent, such as water filtration and transport devices intended for people who have to do a lot more than just twist a tap to get water.

article, The San Francisco Chronicle; image via Project H Designs

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