Blogging The Stranger: Constructing Christmas

Blogging The Stranger: Constructing Christmas

Nov 29, 2007

Sweet or not? The Stranger, a Seattle weekly, offers a critique of the gingerbread structures designed by various architecture firms. According to the article, "By Christmas Day more than 300,000 people will view Gingerbread Village" in the Sheraton Hotel. Check out more pictures and the writers' reviews below.

Chinese New Year - KMD Architects (shown in top photo): "By far the best on display. The details are impressive: The scales of the dragon are made from chocolate coins; the spines on its back are a line of Hershey's Kisses; the roof of the Chinatown gate is tiled with dark-green jelly beans. All materials properly used and placed; there is no waste in this work. Well done!"

A Very Kremlin Christmas - Callison Architecture: "Onion domes twirl; a frozen blue lake is alive with ice skaters; a nutcracker seems ready to dance. One must credit Callison Architecture for their efforts. But the best thing about the design is a scene of sorrow. In Red Square a babushka searches for a lost boy." (Note: Callison designed the Sheraton Hotel.)

Holiday on Top of the World - Mithun: "Winter scenes. Each is predictable. There is nothing new in this design, but it's not bad or boring. It merely serves."

Additional Gingerbread Village designs are featured in the Stranger article. And if you're in Seattle, stop by the Sheraton (1400 6th Avenue) before January 2, 2008, to see it all for yourself.

Images: Tim Schelcht for the Stranger

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