Blogging The Today Show: The Latest Gadgets

Blogging The Today Show: The Latest Gadgets

Julia Cho
Mar 21, 2008

Yesterday on the Today Show, they went over the latest gadgets for toddlers. We've already covered a few of them right here including Kaboost, and the new Live Elmo, but a few were new to us. Our favorites below...

Our apartment's way too small for us to need this, but maybe you do. The Oregon Scientific Climate Control Monitor will let you know the temperature in four different rooms in your house as well as a bunch of other features.

This is one of our favorites for small apartments. The Okiedog Fropper is a ride on toy that also bounces, and folds up to easily store in a closet or under a bed. (see first photo)

See the full list or watch the video here.

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