Blogging Time Out Chicago...Meyers Ace Hardware

Blogging Time Out Chicago...Meyers Ace Hardware

Heather Blaha
Mar 1, 2007

What a great little bit of history. In this week's Time Out issue, the page 10 It Happened Here segment discloses that "the Meyers Ace Hardware store at 315 East 35th Street used to be the high-class Sunset Cafe jazz club."

Named a landmark structure, the building, which opened as a club in 1921 (and was graced by the presence of Al Capone, of course), was converted to an Ace Hardware store in 1960 by the Meyers family.

The store is covered in vintage signs and ads from the original era as well as photos and articles. It's apparently a popular stop for jazz enthusiasts to soak up a piece of Chicago's musical past. Our favorite quote from the article: owner David Meyers says, "People come in, buy a plunger [used to mute a trumpet] and ask me to autograph it."

We love a good Ace Hardware, and a good story even more. Thanks Time Out, for sharing.

(Jazz mural photo via Time Out)

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