Blogging Time Out Chicago...The Rakku Shoe Wheel

Blogging Time Out Chicago...The Rakku Shoe Wheel

Heather Blaha
Feb 22, 2007

The Rakku Shoe Wheel really made the blog rounds a few months ago, and we even received a few emails tipping us to check it out. Seemed that everyone was loving the wheel.

Yesterday when we received our issue of Time Out, we were surprised to spot it on the Check Out section's front page, reviewed by Kevin Aeh. He points out that not only is this a fit design for a small apartment, but also that the wheel recently won a Good Design award from the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.

Since it's not every issue of Time Out where we spot something Apartment-centric, we thought we'd highlight a few other well-designed things in town not worth missing:

Better off Shreds, p. 5: "Working under the moniker Things Not Worth Keeping, or TNWK, the duo (artists Kirsten Lavers and Cris Cheek) has been using the paper shreds—made from everything from gardening books to romance novels to Bibles, spanning 1887 to 1997—in various art projects over the years.

And from Thursday 22 to Saturday 24, their reconstructed mattress, Sheet of Paper, will be on display at the School of the Art Institute, where it was created. The mattress will double as a screen of sorts: Video-gamelike footage of the process, which will include city locals selecting paper strips, will be projected onto the bed."

Privately Stocked, p. 75: We think we spy cork and corduroy booth seating (can anyone confirm this??) . . ."The cozy cabanas have a view of the Ogden Slip. In the curtained-off spaces, a personal bartender-server keeps your mixed drinks flowing from a dedicated bar for parties of up to 15."

We've been really happy with Time Out since it arrived in Chicago not all that long ago. What are your thoughts on the weekly guide?

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