Blogging Top Design: Episode 2

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What an improvement! Many of the major problems in Episode 1 were a fading memory in Episode 2...

• Todd relaxed! His interactions with the designers were genuine—thank goodness!
• A realistic budget—$8000 is a lot, but in order to go shopping in the Pacific Design Center, you'll need it. (Did anyone else notice that the two lamps in Michael's room cost $1400?)
• Liz Lange? Weird judge choice. Way weird. (So they were obviously shopping at Target, and they've got Liz Lange as a judge—but I guess Target didn't want to put up any money!)

Spoilers and some room pics after the jump...

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• We liked Andrea's room—but the judges were right about the chairs—out of place.

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Goil is definitely one of the top designers, but what's with the pepper???

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• What are the judges looking for? Last week, the losing room was "too themey" and this week the themey room wins? Are we missing something? Congrats Erik. UPDATE: Reviewing all the pics online, Erik's room is easily the most complete. Though we don't think it should have won—he really styled it well.

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Matt's room was spot-on.

• Goodbye John! He was the whiner of the bunch. When you don't finish a room—not good.

We're looking forward to the next episode of Top Design!