Blogging Utne Reader: Green Building for the Rest of Us

Blogging Utne Reader: Green Building for the Rest of Us

Jonathan B.
Nov 9, 2007

"How much more does traditional building cost you than green?" We're glad people are starting to turn the question around: with oil not far from $100 a barrel, it's easy enough to see that energy efficiency can save money in the long run. As this Utne Reader article brings out, lots of things about green building actually save money.

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What's more, some big shifts are starting in the green marketplace... as the article points out:

• The softening housing market is creating more demand for houses and neighborhoods that incorporate green features, because buyers have more to choose from.

• A new wave of eco-conscious shoppers doesn't have time for lengthy research and reflection: they want green solutions, ready-to-go.

We've got a long way to go to a green future. Buildings account for about 40% of energy consumption in the US, but in a recent survey cited by the article, only 0.3 percent of U.S. homes were identified as "truly green," meaning that they incorporated several environmentally friendly building features.

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Bottom line: is going green worth the cost?

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