Blogging Vogue Living: Gene Expression

Blogging Vogue Living: Gene Expression

It's about that time when we start to crave color, light, the sun, with a vengeance that resists quenching (and results in an excess of yellow and hot pink purchase choices we'll notice in the summer). Carpet designer Gene Meyer must know something about it, being a transplant from New York to Miami, from haute couture and menswear (black, anyone?) to colorfully daring rugs.

The interiors are shots of Meyers' 1940s Miami home, where plenty of DIY and low-budget cred can be found: tiles made from painted woven mats and curtains from Urban Outfitters he over-dyed.

His rugs are available for purchase < href="">here and here.

Images: Vogue Living, Fall / Winter 2007

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