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Nathan and Dan top; Jany and Tashica below
This week's episode was the first individual challenge and is just the kind of thing we're intrigued by on Apartment Therapy. With $1000 in their pockets and an hour to shop, the designers headed to the grocery story for inspiration and products to design their white rooms. See the rest of the rooms and check out some tips to use in your own space, after the jump...
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Nathan and Dan
  • Nathan mixed milk with white primer to create his own version of milk paint; he used a squeeze bottle to drip it down the walls. Try this at home using thinned out paint.
  • Nathan's white couch was transformed using markers for a Stephen Sprouse-inspired finish.
  • Dan used fireplace wood for table legs and to create texture on the wall.
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Torie and Antonio
  • Consider diagonals to point the eye towards a room's focal point
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Jany and Tashica
  • Strong horizontal lines as a design element in a clean modern space work best if they are neat.
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Lonny and Jason
  • Let vibrant colour shine; even vibrant colours can be washed out if they are paired with the wrong match as in Jason's room.
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Jen's design
  • Be bold with your accessories! Don't make the details so small that they are lost.

What did you think about this episode? Were there any tips you'd consider using in your own space?