Blogging...Paris Hotel Boutique Journal

Blogging...Paris Hotel Boutique Journal

Grace Shu
Oct 22, 2007

Ever since we found Paris Hotel Boutique in San Francisco, it's now a regular stop in our frequent trips up north. It's filled with truly beautiful and unique vintage silver, furnishings, and souvenirs that have been hand selected by collector Lynn Goldfinder-Abram...but we didn't know that she had a BLOG until now!

Lynn's blog is about seven shades of awesome: full of inspiring ideas, great vintage finds, shopping tips, and our favorite bit: Her photos of her house (Lynn, please let us do a house tour. Pretty please?) are an example of decadence done right. And the pieces she has--like that mirrored table as a bar! And the black and white rug in her bedroom!--are drool-worthy, n'est-ce pas?

Check out her blog, and don't forget to visit the Paris Hotel Boutique.

P.S. The online shop's inventory is constantly updated.

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