Blogging Inside Bay Area

Blogging Inside Bay Area

Mar 28, 2007

Isn't that a charming cottage? Its square footage is larger than a lot of the entries in AT's Smallest Coolest contest every year, but it isn't a house...or rather it is a house. A play house.

According to a recent article on Inside Bay Area, these playhouses are very popular with people who want to give their children the opportunity to play in a controlled environment rather than risk sending them to a local park, and a custom playhouse by La Petit Maison seems to them to be the logical choice.

Take a look at the interiors.

You can customize these play houses to come with running water and power. This is an example of one of the playhouse kitchens.

Many of these houses are two stories - check out the stairway, below.

While we love a little Victorian Gingerbread, the interiors are leaving us cold. If we want our children playing in the kitchen, why shouldn't that mean playing in our family kitchen, or cooking together? The interiors just look sterile to us, and cold. What do you think? Even if money were no object (because these are pricey!), is this something you would want to build for your children?

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