Jun 6, 2007

Making Your Memories Last reads the article title in the ShopSmart Spring issue that gives recommendations for transferring your albums and cassettes to CDs, and video tapes, photographs and Super 8 film to DVD. ShopSmart is the advertising-free publication put out by Consumer Reports.

With the exception of the album or cassette to CD, they give both the options for having a service do it and the basics needed to do it yourself, as well as service or product recommendations and ballpark pricing. Other reviews covered in the issue include two mini MP3 players, two stereo iPod docks, and headphone recommendations (including the categories of suitcase savvy, light and tiny, and best of the best--we have the sister pair to the light and tiny ones, so we can use the set with our cell phone, and love them).

The magazine is easy reading, especially compared with its big brother, Consumer Reports. Like regular CR, ShopSmart covers certain products in certain issues, so it's the access to the on-line database that really makes this worthwhile, which requires a subscription separate from the purchase price of ShopSmart.

As for ShopSmart the magazine, the ideas inside are useful beyond specific product recommendations, and seasonally relevant as well, so the magazine could be a useful tool to have on hand before making any major purchases.

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