Blogging...The Brick House

Blogging...The Brick House

Laure Joliet
Aug 14, 2008

We've been following Morgan and her travails as the owner of "a 1950's mid century cement brick house. Trying to make it awesome and do it on a tight budget." She's doing a great job so far:

We are inspired by her before and afters and are totally jealous of all of her thrift store finds, especially her amazing collection of paintings (oh the peacock!). You might remember her from the Cure, she showed off her, then home, a loft in Downtown LA. Now she lives halfway between Riverside and Palm Springs, and has outfitted a larger scale home quite nicely. Apparently there are still scores to be scored in Southern California. You can also find her this weekend at the Long Beach Flea Market in the White Section, peddling some of her finds.

Check out her blog The Brick House to tune into her progress, design dilemmas and solutions. Thanks Morgan!

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