Blogging...Wiksten-Made's Bathroom Remodel

Blogging...Wiksten-Made's Bathroom Remodel

Grace Shu
Mar 17, 2008

We've just discovered Jenny Gordy's lovely blog Wiksten-Made a few days ago. In addition to showcasing her very cute fashion line, she also gives us glimpses of her wonderful home and DIY projects. Check out this bathroom upgrade she and her husband did themselves a few months back: they tore our the vanity to create extra storage space, and ripped up the linoleum and re-tiled the bathroom floor.

According to Gordy, "I wanted to go for a hotel bathroom kind of look, so I painted the walls and trim white. Now it looks so bright and clean, just like a bathroom should. I replaced the gross old blinds with a natural jute roman shade from Target. I also knocked down that ugly old vanity and put up shelves, with jars for my stuffs like makeup and baskets for extra tp and magazines. It' s not our dream bathroom, but it's what we could afford. Not bad at all." We couldn't agree more!

Check out Jenny's blog Wiksten-Made.

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