Blown Away by DIY Hair Dryer Hidden Outlet Drawer

How many of you constantly plug and unplug your hair dryer, storing it haphazardly away near the sink, an eyesore of convenience? Maybe what you need to do is create a hair dryer storage and plug-in drawer...

Remodeling Magazine highlighted Charleston, S.C., remodeler Bob Fleming smart storage hack, a solution not unlike homemade charging stations:

"Then we use an SO Cord -- a flat extension cord with prongs at a 90-degree angle. We cut it to 3.5 feet long, with the molded end wired into the outlet box. We place another outlet behind the drawer, mounted on the wall," says the owner of Classic Remodeling.
Search online for "outlet inside drawer" and you'll discover several others have gone this DIY route. Just be sure if you attempt to do something like this yourself to have an electrician handle the don't want to fry your hair, literally!