Blue Microphones Eyeball: Retro Meets The Webcam

Blue Microphones Eyeball: Retro Meets The Webcam

Anthony Nguyen
Mar 3, 2009

While this isn't the first time we've seen modern tech go retro, the makers of pro audio microphones Blue have recently announced an update to their previous Snowflake Microphone released back in June 2008.

Forgoing its old cutesy name, the Blue Microphones Eyeball features a superior condenser capsule for high quality sound, HD video recording, and a retractable lens, it's perfect for anyone looking to add a little class to their daily video conferencing routine...

As far as audio quality goes, many review sites such as Cnet have all agreed the sound quality of the Blue Eyeball sounds great, just like its little cousin, the Snowflake.

With a retractable lens, it's easy to fold up and tuck away the Eyeball - a perfect match for those looking to set up a portable podcasting station. A custom designed monitor adapter is provided, making it simple to snap on to any laptop or desktop monitor.

Available for both Mac and PC, the USB Blue Eyeball Webcam retails for $99.

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