Blue Plate Special: Blue and White Tableware


Lately, it seems there's a display of blue and white china in just about every store we enter and every magazine we open. You might say it's making a comeback, but the truth is, it never went away. From traditional English patterns dating back to the 18th century to contemporary Dutch porcelain tagged with graffiti, blue and white dinnerware is clearly a perennial favorite.

And we're not surprised. We love how this crisp color combination unifies different patterns on the table or forms a bold, graphic statement on the wall. We appreciate that it works in both formal and casual settings, and that it's pretty easy to find at antique shops or on eBay. Whether toned down with linen or hyped up with jewel tones, paired with heirloom silver or bamboo chopsticks, blue and white dinnerware is a versatile workhorse in the dining room. Here are a few of our favorite patterns.