Blueprint Decor

Blueprint Decor

Leah Moss
Apr 1, 2010

This year has seen map, globe, and biology chart decor run wild, and while I'm still digging these trends, I'm becoming a bit more smitten with a close relative: the blueprint. Here are a few favorite sources for these chic beasts.

Seajunk's Maritime Blueprint Locker sells detailed reproduction blueprints of some of the most famous ships in recent history.
Etsy seller, echoart, has a huge selection of vintage blueprints from neighborhoods around New Jersey.
Etsy seller, Glean Creative Ruse, is selling original blueprints from a 1950s Seattle home.
Zazzle sells a large host of reproduction blueprints in a variety of sizes (up to 52"x35") at very reasonable prices.

Are you digging the trend as much as I am?

Image: House to Home

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