(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Bluelounge Milo iPhone 4 Stand • $14.95 • Bluelounge

If you're a stickler for design and are looking for a stylish solution for holding/displaying your smartphone (especially for those of us who use our phones as alarm clocks), you might want to steer yourself over to Bluelounge's latest release. The Milo exudes cute in both name and form, taking strong cues from Apple's iMac/Cinema Display line, eliminating extra hardware for a stick and peel suction based stand. And although the Milo was obviously designed to complement the iPhone 4, the stand actually works with a variety of smartphone models; it does requires the back of the phone or cell case to be smooth/hard for the suction cup holder to work (vertical mode doesn't require suction), so just be aware of this requirement if you want to use it horizontally.