Bluelounge StudioDesk for Laptop Users

It's like the folks over at BlueLounge read our mind (or our site, hopefully) about our search for a new desk when they emailed us today with this batch of photos of their new StudioDesk, a workspace specifically designed for laptop users and chock full of peripheral storing/hiding features that will appeal to anyone like ourselves who want to maximize our work area while minimizing the space it occupies...The Bluelounge StudioDesk is a compact 47" wide, 27.5" deep and 29.5" high, but the mahogany wood detailed table is filled with storage options that put most work desks to shame, including a smart table wide slot for USB and power cables that snakes into a storage compartment where you can hide your myriad of USB hubs, power bricks, external hard drives and whatever else you'd rather keep from view. For this reason alone, we're quite smitten with this desk and the attention to detail in regards to cable management.

The whole setup is topped off with a faux leather mat for soft writing and ergonomic feel that also slides open to reveal the inside storage sections, with the rest of the top surface covered in white laminate, and the process of putting it altogether has been simplified to just attaching the legs. Available at the end of June for $599 from Bluelounge.