Take 5: Board Games to Play on the iPad

Tablet App Recommendations

True story, I love board games. I'm not just talking about the classics like Monopoly, I'm talking about Dixit, Ingenious, and Ticket to Ride. Thanks to some amazing friends, my board game world opened up a few years ago and a renewed appreciation for board game parties was discovered. At these parties friends bring a game and in the past year sometimes this game has been on an iPad. While I do prefer the analog when it comes to board games, for parties in the park, family plane rides, solo game play, and get togethers where schlepping multiple games is unreasonable, board games on the iPad are definitely better than no board games at all!

Ticket to Ride, $6.99: I got hooked on Ticket to Ride by playing the analog version first and became even more addicted once I downloaded the iPad version. Gameplay centers around building a railroad empire with various maps for expansion options and being successful requires more than luck. Playing the solo games on the iPad definitely gives you an advantage the next group game night as you'll start memorising the map and will be faster at planning your strategy for railroad map domination. Yes the game can get pricey with the multiple maps via in-app purchase but those who love board games are well aware that once you get beyond the inexpensive classic games you can find at your local department store, the games are far from cheap.

Scotland Yard, $4.99: Another game I started playing analog first, the iPad version, like the classic it is based off of lets you play as either Mr X (the criminal) or Scotland Yard who are trying to track down Mr X through London. App supports both single and multiplayer mode and both are quite fun.

Scrabble, Free & $9.99: After several letters were misplaced in my trusty analog version of Scrabble, we started playing it pass and play style on the iPad. The iPad version is even better when travelling than travel Scrabble as it means there's no chance of someone leaving the letters behind on the plane.

LUDO for Kids, Free: In the category of board games you need luck to win, there's LUDO which is basically Sorry. The iPad version of the classic kid game is pretty straightforward and multiplayer options are limited to pass and play.

Friendsheep, $1.99: To win at Friendsheep the game in which you herd or deter sheep you need to be lucky as well as have fast fingers. Gameplay is fast and can get more than a bit silly but what did you expect from a game with starry sheep?

What's your favorite board game to play on the iPad?

(Image credits: Joelle Alcaidinho)