Bobino Aims At Taming Out Of Control Cords

We have a strong passion for small items that make a big difference in our daily lives. Although it takes a great deal to impress us, it doesn't mean something has to have lots of bells and whistles to do so — it simply needs to accomplish its objective well. Enter Bobino!

The Bobino Cable Buddy is the brainchild of design team Driinn. You remember their amazing cell phone holder right? (we have two!)

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This soft, pliable spool of sorts is available in 3 sizes and should work perfectly for everything from headphones to extra-long power cords. Each size holds a different thickness of cable and are reasonably priced between $3.70 and $5. The Bobino has won multiple awards for it's design and efficiency of use and it's quite easy to see why! Find the right size for your needs over at the Bobino website.

(via: Wired Gadget Lab)
(Image: Bobino)

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