Baby Bobo Chair

Baby Bobo Chair

Sep 19, 2006

Kids love kid-sized furniture, but a hot pink Princess-themed mini armchair can really undo your living room decor.

The high-end Baby Bobo Chair, designed by Dietmar Scharping and Jake Hawkes, is actually just the mini version of an adult chair.

Both adult and baby are part of the upholstered Bobo series, which we admire for the swoopy, low-slung take on a mid-century aesthetic.

The chairs (both the adult and the baby versions) do have an amusingly duck-like profile, which registers most consciously when you note the little duck feet on the baby version.

Adult Bobos sadly come with regular aluminum legs. But even without webbed appendages, this is an exceptionally fun-looking chair.

Baby Bobos run from $550 - $800 and are available in Northern California through The Halsey Group.

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