Bocce Lamp by Emily Robin

Design Showcase 2009

Materials: Ceramic
Price Point: $600

"The Bocce Table Lamp is inspired by old world hand craftsmanship, the type that was made in Europe in the 1950s and before. A time before low quality mass production or a throw away mentality, items that people valued in their homes because of their quality....."

"These items were not made of resin and plastic, but less toxic materials; like ceramic, glass, wood.

This lamp is the first in a collection I am having manufactured by a small ceramic manufacturer near Pompeii Italy. The lamp in the photo is the first proto-type, but another is on the way. I also attached a 3D drawing. The feel is old world but with a contemporary slant."

Designer: Emily Robin
Location: New York, NY


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About Design Showcase 2009: This summer we're celebrating the best in design for the home. We're taking submissions from independent and student designers from around the world and letting our readers vote on who they think has the best design. There's also a panel of august judges. Two winners will win $20,000 in targeted advertising placements on our sites to help launch their career. All info is here.

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