Boho Chic on a Budget: DIY Hanging Macramé Chair

Boho Chic on a Budget: DIY Hanging Macramé Chair

Carolyn Purnell
Jun 19, 2014
(Image credit: Classy Clutter)

Mallory and Savannah from Classy Clutter are much braver than I would have been. But with 1700 feet of clothesline, a chair frame, scrap wood, and a hula hoop, they managed to make a beautiful, elegant, and unique hanging chair that will last for years to come.

In progress
(Image credit: Classy Clutter)

Using a basic square knot and alternating square knots, Savannah made the upper portion of the chair, and then, building off a hula hoop to give the seat more structural integrity, she used alternating square knots to form the seat. Simple braids form the hanging strings.

All in all, the chair took about 40 hours to make, but that includes a lot of trial-and-error time, according to Savannah. She reports that while it was a time-consuming project, it was pretty easy, so this may be a fun project for people who like to crochet, knit, or do crafts in front of the television.

For more information on the materials and methods used, as well as some fabulous "after" shots, check out Classy Clutter.

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