(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Having a certain amount of color in your home can be cheerful and add beauty to your space, but not everything can or should be bright and light. Black accessories help to anchor a room, help off set bright colors or simply can be part of a graphic color scheme. Here, we look at bold black accessories, some playful and some classic, but all great additions to a home.

1. Eames® LCW Chair, MoMA Store, $979.00
2. Hidrìa Vase, Yoox, $250.00
3. Jeeves Pendant Lamp, Y Lighting, $280.00
4. Rhino Bookend, Urban Outfitters, $34.00
5. Dome Lamp, ModMobili, $800.00
6. Servopluvio Umbrella stand, Yoox, $613.00
7. Night Smoke Candle, Need Supply Co., $30.00
8. Watchdog Doorstop, Anthropologie, $24.00

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