Bold Design Ideas You're Going to Wish You Had Tried Sooner

Bold Design Ideas You're Going to Wish You Had Tried Sooner

Adrienne Breaux
Nov 27, 2015

When's the last time you tried something really bold, design-wise, in your home? These nine daring design moves could be just the thing one of your rooms has been needing to take it from boring to exciting.

1. Overdo it on a favorite design element

If you have a design element you LOVE, don't be afraid to go overboard with it. Too many times we restrain ourselves and stop our daring decorating at just one bold color or element. But if you love it, don't stop yourself. Buy two or three of the exact lamps if you love the shape. Keep them in the same room or spread them throughout the house. Don't put any limits on what you love.

2. Mix patterns like a pro

As with the advice above, don't feel like you've got to limit yourself to one bold pattern per room. In fact, some of the most daring spaces are those that mix and match several wild patterns all in the same spot. Like the room in the tour above, all you have to do is find some common element between patterns to successfully mix them. There's some advice below to help you, too:

3. Go for big black and white art

Though all art can be bold when placed in the right setting, no other kind of art has the power of contrast like black and white art. Whether you buy it or make it, adding in black and white art into a room will definitely make a design statement. And it's versatile enough that it works with just about any style of home.

4. Hang some seating

Why only stick to seating that stays safely on the ground? For a really bold look, add in some hanging seating.

5. Put your passions on display

Whether your passion is playing music, being fashionable or something else, use your wall space to show it off.