Book: 25 Apartments and Lofts Under 2500 Square Feet

Book: 25 Apartments and Lofts Under 2500 Square Feet

Feb 14, 2007

We thought we were losing our mind, when we saw the title of this book on we thought WOW maybe there are a whole lot of lofts out in the world that are the size of skating rinks and we just don't know it?

It seemed a little odd to us to talk about the square footage of an apartment or loft if it was over 1000-1200 sq ft. If you're not turned off by the title continue reading about it's contents...

from Amazon: The apartments and lofts featured here highlight the latest architecture and design innovations, with an emphasis on open space and materials such as glass, plastic, steel, and stone. The book explores the joy of living in carefully designed spaces, showcasing a range of styles from modern to traditional. This exciting collection includes innovative and exciting designs sure to inspire and amaze.

If anyone has the book or has seen it and would like to give us a review, let us know if you liked it or not.

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