Look: Designing for Hot Climates Book

Look: Designing for Hot Climates Book

Adrienne Breaux
Aug 28, 2008

We've got a book recommendation for anyone who lives in a hot climate, is thinking about moving to a hot climate, or is just looking for ways to make their lives feel cooler! More after the jump...

Hot Homes: Creating Cool Contemporary Spaces for Hot Climates: How to Live with Heat by Suzanne Trocme is a great book covering the phenonmen of living in really hot climates and using design to help cool off. Covering such topics as terrain, building materials and furniture choices, this book can help you at whatever level of design you're currently at. Featuring gorgeous photographs, you're sure to be inspired to cool off your own design! You can find Hot Homes at BookPeople in Austin and on Amazon.com.

Let us know what ways you use to cool off your home through design!

[Photo credit: Photos from Amazon.com ]

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