Book Review: True Green Home

Book Review: True Green Home

Stephanie Kinnear
Mar 12, 2009

Every time we cruise the aisles at our local bookstore, we're more and more impressed with the number of "green" books staring back at us.

One that was recently sent to us for review is True Green Home by Kim McKay and Jenny Bonnin. We were excited to flip through it -- mostly because it was published by National Geographic, and we're big fans of pretty much everything they do.

True Green Home is a small coffee table book with great pictures and a number of helpful green ideas.

Its chapters are divided by areas of the house -- kitchen, garden, bathroom, bedrooms -- with additional chapters on cleaning and green energy.

Because it's Kitchen & Bath month here, we flipped right to the "eco-kitchen" chapter. There we found tips on how to pick an energy-efficient fridge and dishwasher, as well as tips on how to shop for kitchen tools and utensils. The other chapters were similar in their presentation of helpful, basic green ideas.

All in all, the book is a great primer for a homeowner (or renter) who is just starting to think about greening their home. True Green Home is filled with lots of basic information -- the building blocks for understanding how your home uses energy and the things you can do to make it more efficient and healthy.

If you're already researching solar panels, brewing your own green cleaners, and hooking up your own grey water system, this book probably isn't for you. Everyone else will probably find a helpful tip or two.