The first week of November has brought us a handful of notable new home and personal technologies from the likes of Twelve South, Incase, iRobot, alongside a new startup looking to upgrade the eyeglasses fitting process, and a tome published with about every Apple product ever designed...

(Image credit: Twelve South)
Twelve South BookBook Travel Journal:
  • What's New: Considering how much gear the average tech-toting person carries in addition to their laptop, it is really about time someone offered a peripherals travel solution like the BookBook Travel Journal. Within the disguise of two hardback book covers – complete with a rigid spine that would make a librarian smile – are compartments for headphones with fold-flat ear cups and a collection of pockets and adjustable bands for secure and neat storage of cables, cords, chargers, and an array of other tech accessories. And get ready for some curious glances when you pull out your "book", only to reveal your trove of tech accessories inside.
(Image credit: Incase)
Incase Portable Power 2500:
  • What's New: Incase's newest portable USB battery pack rated for 2,500mAH internal battery (hence the name) can fully charge up an iPhone fast with a universal connect USB port out. The built-in neon USB charging connection cable, which folds into the battery housing, adding a little splash of fashionable panache to a normally pragmatic peripheral.
(Image credit: Protos Eyewear)
Protos Eyewear:
Starting at $299.00
  • What's New: Eyeglasses custom made to fit to your specific head size, facial features, and even lifestyle...the whole fitting process done instantly online. The service serves up three options to choose from afterward, with delivery to your doorstep, with a two week no questions asked return policy.

(Image credit: Iconic)
Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation:
$75.00 ($300.00 for special edition)
  • What's New: encased in a highly collectible dustjacket designed in the style of an early Apple computer, inside is a photographic collection of arguably the most influential company of the last 30 years. The tome contains over 150,000 photos of nearly every product Apple has made, including rare prototypes and even packaging. And check out this special edition, complete with a metal-like finish book case exterior from the era of floppy drives:
(Image credit: iRobot)
iRobot Braava 380t:
  • If this looks recognizably similar to another robotic cleaning machine, that's because you might be remembering the Mint automatic floor cleaner and its Yves Behar design. iRobot purchased the company and their robot design/technology a year ago, then released it with some notable upgrades: a new battery good for up to 4 hours operation, a convenient liquid floor cleaner dispensing system, and an improved fast charging cradle.