Bookcase Doors From Apartment Therapy and Beyond

Bookcase Doors From Apartment Therapy and Beyond

Leah Moss
Apr 23, 2010

Quirky, clever, mysterious, scholarly, and cool— words rarely used in conjunction unless you happen to be talking about a book-clad door. The concept of a secret room through a wall of books is as appealing now as it was when I was ten, and I have a feeling I'll still be digging it fifty years from now. What about you?

As you can see, there's no one right way to pull off the look. There's...

The custom version, offered through companies like WoodfoldThe intense DIY barn style door bookcase taken on by our very own Rachel Grad, pictured in her house tour (picture 6).
The 3D bookcase facade as seen in Lorin's New York house tour (picture 4), and Charlotte Lekakos of Willard and Palmer's closet door from her room in the Charityworks Greenhouse this fall outside of DC (picture 2).
And then there's pure illusion like Style Your Door's graphic decal (picture 5).

What's your favorite?

Images: 1,7: Better Homes and Gardens, 2: Leah Moss for Apartment Therapy, 3: Woodfold, 4:Walter Bell for Apartment Therapy, 5: Style Your Door via Apartment Therapy, 6: Rachel Grad for Apartment Therapy

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