Worth a Bookmark: 25 Design-Minded Travel Blogs

Worth a Bookmark: 25 Design-Minded Travel Blogs

Taryn Williford
Jul 11, 2013

Whether you're planning a trip to travel across the globe, or locked down at home and living vicariously through others, there is a wealth of inspiration, style, and strategy for design-minded travelers to refer to online. Fulfill your wanderlust and plan your next getaway from a laptop from one or many of these blogs and websites.

Lifestyle & Trends: Traveling and eating in style.

Hospitality & Lodging: Curating the most beautiful and interesting places to stay around the world.

Art & Architecture: Stunning buildings and museums from around the world.

Photography: Beautiful travel photos and tutorials, including an IPPA (iPhone Photo Award) winner, My Life's a Trip.

(Images: Fathom, Design Tripper, Design ObserverSkip Town)

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